Nominated in five categories at Västerås Film Festival


We look forward travelling 100 kilometres west of Stockholm to Västerås, aka Gurkstaden (The cucumber city)! We're grateful to have been accepted into Västerås Film Festival - which will be a physical event and everything. Meaning we get to iron our party shirts! 🥳

We bow our heads in gratitude five times, for the five wonderful nominations:
Best Nordic Shortfilm, Best Nordic Shortfilm Screenplay (Björn Boström), Best Nordic Shortfilm Director (Emil T. Jonsson), Best Nordic Shortfilm Cinematography, Best Nordic Shortfilm Female Actor (Sissela Kyle).

The Man Who Wouldn't Cry will be screened October 23 06:00 pm at Saga Bio in Hallstahammar and October 30 11:00 am at Carlforsska in Västerås.

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