Elevenfold award-winner at the 3rd Film Olympiad Grand Prix


🎖 It's Raining Medals! Hallelujah, It's Raining Medals... amen! 🎖

With 45 films from 21 countries participating in the 3rd Film Olympiad Grand Prix, "The Man Who Wouldn't Cry" wins 11 awards (!) - capturing both bronze, silver and gold medals! 🔥🤩

After a live screening on September 8 at the "Studio New Star Art Cinema" in Athens, we must now make room on the medal awards rack for --

Best Foreign Language Film
Best Director - Emil T. Jonsson
Best Production Design - Olivia Asplund
Best Costume Design - Olivia Asplund

Best Film
Best Screenplay - Björn Boström
Best Idea - Stig Dagerman
Best Supporting actor - Christoffer Nordenrot
Best Supporting actress - Sissela Kyle

Best Comedy
Best Leading Actor - Jonas Österberg Nilsson

Thank you Film Olympiad, we're truly happy for all the awards!

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