Best Short Film Award at Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival


The Man Who Wouldn't Cry was one of the 11 short film finalists in Round 2 (the Network Round) at Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival. These finalists were a combination of jury selections and the top voted "audience choice" films in Round 1 (Global Social Crowd Round) that was open to the public.

Members in the Lift-Off Network Hub and Lift-Off's Official Judges got to cast their vote in their favourite film and the winner Announcement can be found here.

So yes! 🥳🔥 The Man Who Wouldn't Cry picked up the Best Short Film Award!

👏Shout-out to our laurel-colleagues "4x4", "Room 217" and "Capsized" - all fine films who will be joining us in Amsterdam next year at Lab 111. And our heartfelt gratitude to the Lift-Off team for supporting our film. 🙏

The announcement video.

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